About me


Hi & welcome to my site, I hope you find it useful! 

 I am based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire where I have my classroom, producing an eclectic mix of turnings from artistic pieces to bespoke architectural commissions and small production runs as well as a variety of useful stuff. This is also where I teach (usually on a 1 to 1 basis)

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All my timber is sourced either locally, often from damaged or fallen trees (via my trusty chain saw) or from reputable timber merchants , sourcing supplies from managed, renewable sources 

You don’t know what’s possible until you ask!!


I was born and raised in Yorkshire and began woodturning after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Having had to give up my job I began looking for something new and challenging to occupy my time. I have always been active and for some reason fascinated by fast moving machinery (mainly motorbikes and drag cars). I had up to that point preferred metalwork to woodwork (on the basis that if you made a mistake with wood you couldn’t weld it back together!) My first attempt at woodturning was a bowl, turned on a 19th century engineering lathe using a couple of homemade tools (highly dangerous and not to be encouraged!); that’s when I realised I had found a craft that I not only enjoyed immensely, but one for which I had natural ability. I hurriedly purchased “proper” tools and made much better progress. After a while I needed an outlet for my work and started to attend local craft fairs, selling work in order to fund more trips to the wood suppliers for timber to play with. I also joined the local Woodturning Club and began to expand my aptitude and design skills, gaining confidence with experience. I subsequently gained NVQ  level3 in Woodturning and in 2002 achieved City & Guilds teaching certificate (7307) . In 2004 I was accepted on to the Register of Professional Turners. I have been a tutor at John Boddy’s Wood & Tool Store in North Yorkshire for several years and have demonstrated at various clubs and wood suppliers nationally.

My classroom at home is where I teach, usually on a one to one basis, beginners and intermediate levels. All teaching incorporates Health and Safety instruction and advice on safe practice. I also undertake commissions including private, architectural and commercial pieces and have work exhibited locally. Although I am happy to work with most types of timber, I have always been drawn to timber with interesting grain patterns and inclusions of bark, faults, and even the odd nail etc. (the sort of stuff that many would condemn to the log basket). I can often be found rummaging in log piles looking for that special piece of timber which can, and often does, produce a wonderful and unique piece of work, or alternatively adrenalin fuelled moments of duck and cover! 

The majority of my work is turned on a large and very versatile Jet woodturning lathe using a variety of very sharp and sometimes lethal looking tools. I have a very wide range of work which can vary in size from 2” toadstools to 4’ jardinières, or vice versa. I have turned lamps for dolls houses and recently completed a commission for a central pedestal for an 8’ diameter round table. I also have a smaller more portable lathe which I use for demonstration purposes, taking it to various venues up and down the country; all I need is shelter from the elements and a power source.  

I have always had a very positive attitude to life and believe that boundaries are there to be pushed. If I can’t do it one way I WILL find an alternative. What started out as a hobby has become a passion and a way of life and I love to share both my creativity and my knowledge with anyone who will listen. 


It’s only impossible before you do it!